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Itching a bit below man spermary is a kind of commonner symptom, because male friend did not notice cutaneous sanitation is caused,basically be, be in especially summer when, spermary place can go out very easily to perspire now, cause a bacterium thereby cause, bring about spermaryForum of Shanghai night net

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Eczema Sao is urticant. Besides spermary eczema, because acuteness is wet,still be likely wart venereal cause, hope man friend should notice sexual life sanitation asksA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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 Itch below man spermary

Scrotal eczema

If below long very urticant, the possibility of scrotal eczema is larger. The patient may be damp and hot and allergic constitution, have a relapse easily instead, best and timely seek medical advice. Wet poison of profess to convinced is clear after diagnose capsule and chloric thunder heFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Decide a remedy, cooperate external use to send luck loose breast creams or bittern rice loose breast creams, avoid is acrimony and fat wait for excitant food.

Skin allergy

Private parts itchs also is skin allergy likely. The male of a few allergic constitution, when the liner pants that wears goods of chemically fiber raw material, because the dress is clingy meeting skin, together with is local easy be soaked by sweat, go up easily to the dermatitis such as occurrence erythema, papula reacts and produce Sao to itch in the skin that contacts with underpants. Some males of use condom also can contact sexual dermatitis because of be being caused to balata allergy.

 Itch below man spermary

The likelihood was to get glans phlogistic, can appear thereby the circumstance with phallic urticant Sao. Also may be folliculitis, can give the case with now body extremely urticant Sao. Avoid hot food, low grease food, brush erythromycin ointment, bacteriophage of profess to convinced and wash frequently with hot water, do not want extruding, prevent infection to diffuse.

Wrapping grows too or wrap a bine

If wrapping passes to grow or wrap a bine, may bring about many leather dirty accumulation to be in the coronal shape channel of wrapping, butFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Can meet cause chronic serious, return incidental acuteness wet wart. Can have local Sao urticant feeling so. Bring about a spouse possibly still to be affected by the bacterium, want to notice.

 Itch below man spermary

Bacterial infection

The likelihood is to phallic Sao itchs, the cause that cause has pathogen to if white beads is bacterium infection, trichomonad, fine,be affectedShanghai Long Feng forum

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Sao was caused after the infection such as bacterium urticant unwell feeling, return the symptom such as the desquamate that can cause phallic position, erythema. Can use 1:5Catharsis of solution of 000 potassium permanganate, besmear next antibiotic ointment, have ketone of medicine made of two or more ingredients commonly usedly health Zun ointment. Having local treatment while, need profess to convinced or inject antibiotic. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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