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A kind of when the female appears the most easily in pregnant process gravid reaction is vomiting during pregnancy, this is very normal, because be in pregnancy when the reason that lifts as a result of progestational hormone, the female’s intestines and stomach also can be disturbed certainly, after be disturbed when intestines and stomach, ate a few food to be able to feel disgustingNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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flavor, body body reacts more serious woman can vomit, so be pregnant in the stomach uncomfortable how should do?

 Be pregnant in the stomach uncomfortable

The stomach after be pregnant is uncomfortable how to do

If female friends discover gastralgia in pregnancy, the symptom such as gastric burn1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Need special attention to adjust food, want to eat delicate food, do not eat spirituosity, contain the food of flavor, deepfry sex food also does not eat, if after the symptom is reduced, need to eat quantity of a few high fever appropriately to have sorely1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Nutrient food, a day of 3 eat need time ration, also need compensatory vitamin to be able to protect gastric mucous membrane additionally, stillFall in love with the sea

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Can enhance immune function, also need to notice additionally1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The pose that have a meal, meal hind is not lying immediately.

 Be pregnant in the stomach uncomfortable

Right amount motion, pregnant woman friends do not want from morning till night to lie on the bed, right amount motion is the peristalsis that conduces to intestines and stomach, still can improve the symptom such as constipation additionally, everybody does not eat the food such as cabbage of a few onion, everybody should drink soda beverage less, to nibble slow pharynx had better be when having a mealLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, it is special so be helpful for be being digested to absorb by place of intestines and stomach.

 Be pregnant in the stomach uncomfortable

Be pregnant how long stomach ability is not afflictive

Below normal circumstance, the female can be compared in the vomiting during pregnancy when early pregnant frequent, the constitution of dot and this pregnant woman is related. Because gastric ministry is unwell,be the progestational hormone inside body appears likely very disorder phenomenon just can cause. Accordingly, a few months that just were pregnant will be particularly afflictive, after having a meal especially, gastric ministry is disgusting move will be more sharp, serious when still can cause pregnant woman hidebound or the phenomenon with lopsided electrolyte.

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