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Folk has the method that a lot of judgement are the boy or girl, nevertheless usually, these do not have scientific basis, everybody had better be not to believe, like some meeting ground the appearance of pregnant woman abdomen judges the boy or female, if be pregnant,be the boy’s word, the appearance of abdomen and bosom girl abdomenShanghai night net

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Child appearance is different normally, it is the boy or girl without giving thought to actually, wanting darling to be produced in safety only is happy.

Abdomen of male treasure front be what kind of?

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The abdomen that conceives a son be what kind of?

Folk has [round male needle female] view, what means abdomen circle conceives is the girl, what abdomen needle conceives is the girl, because this is very much,pregnant woman mammy believes thoroughly to this. But the factor that affects abdomen figure actually is ply of appearance of configuration of bodily form of Mom of fetal build, position of a foetus, pregnant, pelvis, rachis, abdominal muscle these a few, do not have with infantile sexual distinction direct1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Relation, accordingly abdomen appearance sees a men and women and forbid.

Abdomen of male treasure front be what kind of?

Conceive the distinction of boy girl abdomen

Although a lot of admit to know to see abdomen appearance judgement gives birth to the boy or girl and forbid, but as before photograph of a lot of peopleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Believe this. In civilian view, the abdomen of pregnant woman pointed protruding, abdomen of; of meeting bosom boy perfectly round, conceive the girl.

Still have additionally [abdomen has been highlighted is the girl greatly, abdomen not quite outstanding or next belly are protruding for the boy] and [one’s heart’s desire (next abdomen are big) it is the boy, conceive on (epigastrium is big) it is the girl] view, here also explains incidentally with everybody, if pregnant woman the upper part of the body is short, the space of fetal development can be extended to extension only, so abdominal meeting appears very big. Conversely, pregnant woman the upper part of the body is chief, can provide enough space for fetal development, abdomen need not be highlighted outwards. If pregnant woman is to go up,conceive, that may be first time be pregnant or the bodily form of pregnant woman is good. After conceiving pregnant when pregnant woman, abdominal muscle is flabby, again the nature when be pregnant also ” flagging ” .

Abdomen of male treasure front be what kind of?

Bosom boy conceives the girl’s difference

1, of pregnant woman appearance change

Will judge from the appearance of the abdomen of pregnant woman, the abdomen of pregnant woman pointed protruding, abdomen of; of can unripe boy perfectly round, give birth to the girl. But this is not 100 percent accurate, because some pregnant mammy eats too much, causing abdomen pointed protruding also is possible.

2, the skin of pregnant woman and appearance change

During be pregnant, mix as a result of hormonal change cutaneous extend, add what uterine metabolism and blood stream measure to increase, can increase the secretion of gland body, the female’s skin produces change when be pregnant. If the skin of pregnant woman becomes smooth, beautiful, may be bosom girl so, it is the boy instead.

3, of pregnant woman taste change

Change of pregnant woman taste is very strange, the taste of some people even with be widely divergent forth. One dc of civilian is expressing a such views, pregnant woman taste if with before the embryo is different, criterion embryo of fall of 2 embryoes sexual distinction is different. If identical, the embryo before be being mixed so likely is identical.

4, the speed of fetal heart is strong weak

As a result of physiology difference of the men and women, we can lose by force from the speed of fetal heart will judge is the boy or girl. Generally speaking, fetal heart is stronger slower, the possibility that conceives the boy is large, the possibility that is bosom girl conversely is larger.

5, dietary habit

The diet of the mom that conceives the boy won’t have1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Too big change, but appetite can greaten. The pregnant woman tower above that the protein that they absorb wants more female than the bosom embryo 8% , absorbForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Carbohydrate tower above 9% , tallow fat tower above 11% , the plant is adipose tower above 15% .

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