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Menstruation occurrence bosom aches is to attribute normal physiology phenomenon, because of menstruation, the female sex hormone inside body secretes exuberant meeting to stimulate the nerve of bosom, and bosom is in period when meeting development, cause a bosom to ache thereby and the breast bilges painful, we can be used massage method and wear the method such as appropriate underwear to alleviate, and cold should prevent in menstruation catch a cold, adjust oneself food and time of work and rest.

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Forthcoming month aches how to do via the bosom

The breast bilges painful, in the heart afflictive, the whole body is unwell, how to do? Accept the following proposal, can eliminate a breast easily unwell.

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Change dietary habit. Use the food of low fat tall fine, edible corn (whole wheat) , the fiber of vegetable and legume.

2, often massage a breast. Massage a breast gently, but the humoral farewell of pamper arrives lymphatic system. When massaging, get on soap fluid besmear in the breast first, along mammary surface pass on coming back points to, make an appointment with the circle of size of a coin. Press the breast with the hand next bounce again, this unwell to preventing a breast disease has greatLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Menstrual bosom aches how to do

3, wear firm bust bodice. Bust bodice besides preventing mammary prolapse, mainer effect is to prevent to already sufferred oppressive mammary nerve to be oppressed further, eliminate unwell. Attentive sister can discover, those canter the athlete apparels firm bust bodice is reason of this health care.

4, avoid diuretic. Diuretic conduces to really discharge the liquid inside body, also can cut down mammary strut. But this kind instantly alleviate need to pay price. The prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that overspend diuretic can cause potassium, brokenLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The balance of bad electrolyte, and the formation that affects dextrose.

5, do not eat salty. The food of tall salt makes a breast easily puffy, the 7 ~ before menstruation comes should avoid this kind of food 10 days especially.

Menstrual bosom aches how to do

6, use hot compress. Hot compress is treatment of a kind of conventional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, bag of usable hot compress, thermos or wash the means such as the hot bath to alleviate the breast is painful. If use cold, hot compress alternant law, eliminate a breast unwell disease effect will be better.

7, prevent fat. To excessive and fat woman, reduce weight generalLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Conduce to alleviate mammary gallLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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