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Physiology structure of the female is very special, be in normally menstruation, wait during oviposit in different period, the change of general body also is different, if the female lies the word of menstruation, 6 values of sex hormone are very important, once these 6 values appear unusual, it is the birth that meets pair of women causes an effect, and healthy likelihood also can be put in unusual situation, need undertakes actively remedial.

 Menses checks sex hormone the 3rd day

How much is menses checks sex hormone the 3rd day to be worth normally?

The female is in menstruation hormone 6 normal value is to need to be told apart, different project can have different data value to behave, close to among them follicular the value that creates hormone is to be in commonly 5 to 40Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Miu/ml, to egg1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The effect that follicular development and maturity are having mew to be promoted very well, and the action that promotes to arriving since oviposit basically is if corpus luteum makes element, it is before oviposit 2 to 15miu/ml, oviposit period is 30 to 100miu/ml, it is after oviposit 4 to 10miu/ml, be when oviposit period is normal the value is 5 to 25miu/ml.

The normal value that urges breast when menstruation is 0.08 to 0.92nmol/l, to the circumstance of mammary gland hyperplasia, and galactic generate the appearance that still has a breed to having very good stimulative effect, female it is before 2 mellow oviposit 48 to 521 skins rub Er / rise, be when oviposit period 70 to 1835 skins rub Er / rise. The progesterone when additional explicit menstruation basically is to promote the film inside the uterus from hyperplasia period change arrived to secrete period, it is when oviposit period 0 to 4.8nmol/l, it is after oviposit 7.6 toShanghai night net

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97.6nmol/l, the chroma value with final Gao normal ketone is 0.7 to 3.1nmol/l.

What cannot menstruation eat


Prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the meeting after female period passes is many iron is qualitative, should fill more iron. And the tannic acid that 30% above contain in tea, this is easy in alvine path the ion that be the same as iron is united in wedlock, generation precipitates, 100 bowel mucous membrane is opposite hamper the absorption of iron ion; can make the breast bilges painful, at the same time more use up the vitaminic B that stores inside body, destroy the metabolism of carbohydrate.

Contain the beverage of coffeine

Make the breast bilges painful, cause angst, irritable as flabby as the mood, at the same time more use up the vitaminic B that stores inside body, destroy the metabolism of carbohydrate.

 Menses checks sex hormone the 3rd day


Bender uses up the body vitaminic B and mineral, cross much waterNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Bender destroys the estrogen with the metabolism of carbohydrate and overmuch generation, cause menstruation to be mixed ahead of schedule classics quantity is overmuch.

Cold drink

Cold sex menstruation is ill person avoid drink.

Soda water

Many jubilation that drink contain the female of gas beverage, can appear in menses tired and faint with the phenomenon with depressed spirit, this is the expression that iron lacks character. Because the beverage such as soda water contains phosphate to produce chemical reaction with punish of the iron inside body mostly, make iron is absorbed hard character. In addition, because sodium and gastric juice counteract the bicarbonate in soda water,much water soda water is met, reduce the digestive ability of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and antiseptic effect, influence appetite.


Cheese kind the disaster source that is dysmenorrhoea: Like milk, have department, butter, yeasty breed, these food can destroy magnesian absorption.

 Menses checks sex hormone the 3rd day


Chocolate can make mood out of control. Chocolate can create a mood more flabby with candy of be addicted to, besides meeting get fat, also can raise the requirement of pair of vitaminic B. In the meantime, candy can use up the body inside vitaminic B and mineral, make the person loves to eat carbohydrate food more. Eat the sweet food of tall saccharide, not only cannot improve classicsFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Period unwell symptom, do not stabilize possibly instead because of blood sugar, affect the hormonal balance inside body, the feeling with sick accentuation.

Chinese prickly ash, clove, peppery

Menses should have delicate, taste the smooth, material that contains a lot ofnutrition, unfavorable eat excitant strong hot food, lest cause period,shift to an earlier date and classics quantity is overmuch.

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